Computer Services

Tetova Developers offers high-quality, affordable computer repair and troubleshooting services, plus a range of IT services including data backup and recovery, security services, remote support services, and managed services. Whether your computer is for personal or business use, our experts have the experience and expertise to keep your laptop or PC running in prime condition for longer, saving you time and money. We guarantee the highest level of personalized repair and impeccable customer service. Just give us a call to see how we can help you!

Tetova Developers have expert technicians equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet all of your computer repair needs.  Making sure your computers and technology are in good health is vital.  Your technology needs must be in the hands of someone that you can trust.

Computer Troubleshooters’ local experts diagnose technology issues associated with computers, laptops, servers, and networks.   Our experts will then provide solutions that are customized to your business and budget, because we understand that your business needs are unique.  We provide computer repair services professionally and efficiently so that your business is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Tetova Developers’ technicians are able to help resolve a variety of technology issues, ranging from the simple to the complex. Some of the computer repair services that are offered by Tetova Developers include:

  • Computer Diagnostics:  Our technicians are experienced in providing diagnostic services and are able to identify the root of the problem on desktops, laptops, servers and network systems.
  • Computer & Laptop Repair: We are able to establish a plan to help get slow-running machines back to peak performance or replaced with new equipment, while making sure your devices are protected and information is backed up.
  • Install and Configure Server Networks: We offer network services from setup to maintenance to make sure your network is working efficiently and securely.
  • Consulting Services: Our experts understand the needs of the local small businesses, because they too are a local small business owners.  Providing technology information and consulting related to your unique needs and goals are what sets us above the rest.
  • New System Sales: Ready to replace that old machine that makes too much noise?  We will assess your requirements, suggest recommendations, and provide a replacement that fits your needs and budget.

Our expertise does not stop at computer repair services! We strive to ensure our clients understand that we proactively work to minimize repairs and service interruptions. Whether you have an emergency repair today or are looking for preventative solutions and managed services, you can rely on the expert technicians from Tetova Developers to provide a professional experience while supporting your business.

Remote Support Services

Support When You Need It!

Remote Support Services allows our local technicians to provide you with fast service while saving you money and increasing productivity. Has someone in your office been unable to complete a task because of a minor problem with their computer? Do you have a staff member that spends more time helping others with their computers than they do completing their own work? Remote Support Services can eliminate these efficiency killing problems.
Tetova Developers uses the latest technology to allow them to quickly and securely remotely access any computer, laptop or mobile device to assist the client with many problems. For example, you are getting an error message while you are trying to print a report. One of our expert technicians can log directly into your computer to see what you see and to guide you through to resolving the problem. They can take control of your system and show you how to complete a task or to diagnose the problem.

This advanced technology can be used to complete as much as 80% of the daily issues encountered by a small office. Imagine how much more productive your office will be if they have an export to help them with these nagging issues. This service can be used for diagnosing problems, training, updates, and even repair. It is important that you remember this service does require that the device be actively connected to the internet and that many issues will still require onsite service.

The next time you have a question or issue with your computer, laptop, tablet or other device, call Tetova Developers to see if they can assist you with their Remote Support Service.

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