Software Development

We provide custom
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Software Development

Timely received complete information is the key to successful business. The development of modern information technologies makes it possible to create customized software for specific tasks of businessmen:

  • increasing productivity
  • reduction of administrative costs
  • timely identification of problem areas
  • automation of routine operations

Tetova Developers provides services of the development, implementation and integration of applications in different spheres.

Business analysts, system architects, consultants, developers of our company in their work form a comprehensive overall vision of necessary solutions for software product development by analyzing the customers’ business processes, difficulty of tasks, trends of the modern technology development and market conditions.

One of the main activities of the company is to develop applications that allow you to solve a number of problems in various spheres.

Mobile development

Going mobile will help your business streamline operations, bring value to the demanding modern customers, and help you tackle Big Data. Whether it is your first app or fifth, our decade-long expertise in mobile app development will help you succeed with your mobile strategy.

We are here to develop your business ideas into amazing and profitable mobile products. We’ll be glad to help transform your business into a prosperous mobile enterprise, using mobile apps built by Tetova Developers. We also help improve your existing products or launch them on a new platform.

We have experience in building Android, iOS and Windows apps that work fast.

Web Application development

At Tetova Developers we are experts in developing custom web apps, so we are more than ready to meet your programming challenges head on at a price you’ll like.

We offer a wide range of web development services in the most popular server-side languages and frameworks.

Our team of skilled web application developers are always up to speed on the latest trends in web application development, which helps us build top-notch custom web apps that meet your specific business requirements and help generate value.

Game development

Today game development is gaining a huge sense in business promotion. Someone creates the game to earn money, someone chooses it as a tool promoting his business, and someone does it just for personal enjoyment. Anyway, a game is able to push a product and forms efficient leverage.

What do you get hiring us?


2D/3D art

We will create profitable design

Our Strong Experience

High-skilled team ready for any challenge

Team extension on demand

We will define an efficient team for our staff for your project

Courageous team willing to help

We are obessed with solving difficult tasks

Support & maintenance

We can support your game after its release